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Garduno Hardwood Flooring

Garduno Hardwood Flooring have been offering professional floor installation services for the last 25 years. Our mission is to deliver you the services with a high quality finishing.
We are a friendly and honest company that does every kind of installation services alongside our team of qualified professionals. We seek to ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients. We know how important it is to have your hardwood looking amazing so that it gives your home a beautiful look. By the time we get done with your floors, all of your neighbors will be jealous. Our process is very easy. Once you request an estimate, one of installation experts will come out to the project and give you a quality assessment and estimate. From there, our full installation team will come to complete your dream floor installation project.

Garduno Hardwood Flooring Offers :

1.) Hardwood Floor Installation 

We at Garduno Hardwood Flooring guarantee our work because we are so proud of the many high-profile residential, commercial, and commercial hardwood floor installations we have completed throughout the mid-atlantic region.

We offer a standard one-year warranty on all work and materials with every hardwood floor installation. We ensure that your floors will endure the test of time by using only the highest quality flooring from the best suppliers in the world, the most resilient stains and finishes, and our skilled team of craftsmen.

2.) Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation

Garduno Hardwood Flooring  provides a range of engineered wood flooring products as well as expert engineered floor fitting services. Today, a lot of people choose engineered flooring for their homes and businesses. Engineered flooring has the same authentic appearance as hardwood since it is made up of numerous layers, the top layer of which is solid wood. Engineered wood is far more resistant to changes in moisture content because of its multi-layer composition. Engineered floors combine the advantages of solid wood’s rustic appearance with laminate flooring’s better level of flexibility and resistance and ease of installation. It also makes it possible to install underfloor heating, which is a huge benefit. Engineered flooring has a solid wood top layer with varying thicknesses that determine

3.) Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Garduno Hardwood Flooring  provides hardwood floor restoration services for private residences, public buildings, and historic locations. Refinishing is the ideal solution to give your floors the boost they want whether they have become dull or need a stain change. To ensure that your investment is safeguarded, Garduno Hardwood Flooring adheres to and exceeds industry standards for sanding and refinishing services. We also utilize only the best products available.

4.) Vinyl Floor Installation

Both aesthetically pleasing and affordable, vinyl flooring is a great choice. Vinyl is an option for any home with any aesthetic because to the wide variety of pattern choices and durability. This is the reason why we see this type of flooring in both ancient and new homes. There is a vinyl floor that will fulfill all of your flooring requirements and preferences.

Installation of vinyl and LVP flooring is our area of expertise at Garduno Hardwood Flooring. Call Garduno Hardwood Flooring  to schedule a free consultation if you’re looking for local LVP or vinyl floor installation. We are qualified to guarantee that our customers receive the best possible flooring installation service.

5.) Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate can be the best option if you’re seeking for a stylish, useful answer to your flooring needs. In recent years, laminate has advanced significantly and is now one of the most preferred flooring options in American homes.

When you call Garduno Hardwood Flooring, the home improvement specialists, you may have faith that we can promptly, expertly, and above all else, surpass your expectations, install your new flooring.

6.) Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor Installation

Installing vinyl and LVP flooring is one of our specialties at Garduno Hardwood Flooring. If you’re looking for local LVP or vinyl floor installation, give Garduno Hardwood Flooring a call and ask for a free consultation. Since we have the necessary skills, we can guarantee that our customers receive the best flooring installation service possible.

Whether you select conventional sheet vinyl or LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring, the Garduno Hardwood Flooring  staff can expertly install your vinyl for you. Your flooring job will be prepared, installed, finished, and cleaned up by our vinyl flooring professionals, leaving you with a stunning new room. Due to the fact that we let you choose the materials and make the purchase, we can offer high-quality installation services at prices that are competitive with the market

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